I am back again!

Sorry guys, it took a while before having the time to write again! But now I am back.

I was not on holidays, but in the last months I prepared my moving to Paris where I’m beginning my new life in this wonderful city! Now that I have a place and my connection is working fine, I will post oftener new articles about Social Media, Web Marketing and best practices in e-mailing or CRM action that I find interesting.

The section SPECIAL TIPS will be always available, for few post not really in the e-state of mind… just to change subject from time to time!

Let’s see what will be my next post! Any suggestion?



CRM campaign for a restaurant

Company: Atrapalo SL
What is it?: CRM action for those users who bought a Japanese Restaurant in the past. We wanted to communicate them the opening of a new Japanese Restaurant in the city of Madrid.
Target: Restaurant users
Tone: direct and exclusive
When: March 2012

Linkedin and the creative copy

I was looking at my Linkedin profile, when an error occurred!

Nice, fresh and funny! That’s what a message should be for our users. The web is temporary unavailable, but we are suggested to visit their blog or learning center in the meantime. Just awesome!

So remember:

– Find a funny way to say to your user if you’re having any trouble on your website… he won’t be angry for that!

– Give him the opportunity to do something else… he will remain on your site!

What do you think about it?

Advertising: from offline to online

Yesterday I’ve been to a Conference on the change we’re living in the advertisement sector: we’re going always more from the offline to the online one! This is clear, no doubt about it!

But what does it really mean?



Direct Marketing Teams are going to play a full central role in the advertisement world, because they really have all the informations we need about our clients:

– their tastes

– their consum habits

– their preferences

As per my experience, as soon as Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing will be more powerful for a Marketing Department, we will be closer to a new way of assuming advertising. A lot of companies are still afraid, they don’t want to try new things… because it’s risky!

New ways in advertising are needed or will be needed in a short term. All the things our users do on our page is measured. We can measure it, but a lot of Managers are not using all the potential of the tools we have available on the web for our daily work.

Let’s think about it, we know it all: where he clicks, how many times he did not complete a purchase, what he looks for in our website etc. etc.

All these informations will lead us to a new way of conceiving our ads.

Will a spot still exist within 10 years or less?

Preheader: ci avete mai pensato?

Oggi, come ogni mattina leggo le news del mondo dell’email marketing.

Ogni giorno si scoprono cose nuove o si viene a contatto con idee a cui avevi pensato in passato, ma che nessuno aveva mai accettato di provare e il “No, non funzionerà!” risuonava ancora una volta nelle mie orecchie.

Ebbene, da tempo avevo proposto alla mia azienda di sfruttare uno spazio che per quanto piccolo poteva essere comunque importante: il preheader. Con diverse proposte di copy creativo, ma nulla!


Nella visualizzazione della tua email in qualsiasi server di posta elettronica, vedrai sempre il nome del mittente, l’oggetto e poi le prime parole visibili nella tua email. Nei server di posta elettronica, ma anche nei programmi di email degli Smartphone!

Si tratta proprio dello spazio incluso nel rettangolo nero dell’immagine.

Perché non poter usare questo spazio per mandare un messaggio diverso al nostro cliente, invece di leggere sempre il solito “Se non visualizzi correttamente…”?

Proprio di questo parlano nell’ultimo post del blog di EmailDirect. Un post interessantissimo e che mi ha colpito proprio per il motivo di cui vi parlavo prima: non sono l’unico pazzo che vuole approfittare ogni minima possibilità per lanciare dei messaggi nuovi ai miei clienti.

Voi che ne pensate?

Ci sono aziende che già usano questo spazio, ma purtroppo sono davvero poche.

P.S. Non pensiate che si possa scrivere di tutto, in fondo abbiamo poco spazio a disposizione, ma di certo utile per carpire l’attenzione dei nostri clienti.

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